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10 Ways to Treat Thyroid Disorders

It’s amazing how something so small such as your thyroid, can cause such a ripple effect with the rest of your health if not functioning properly. Working closely with your medical team can give you the best directions as far as treatments are concerned, and trying new methods out can drastically be the key to your recovery.

1. Medications

Anytime you have a condition worth seeing a doctor on a regular basis, you will probably have a discussion about taking medication at some point. Thyroid issues can be helped by medications for hormone replacement, or even iodine treatments.

Consult with your medical team to see if meds are the way to go with your action plan.


2. Surgery

Surgery is always considered a last resort to any patient's care, but with the thyroid is really is a last option seeing how challenging the process can be. There are certain cases where thyroid surgery is a must, such as when cancer is present, nodules, or a goiter issue.

Doctors don't just rush into this surgery though, as there are nerves and gland that can be compromised as risk factors, similar to any major surgery.


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